Orion Foundation

Orion Foundation

Orion Group's CSR activities

For every barrel of oil sold, 10 cents are donated to the Foundation, and for each ton of oil sold we donate 5 dollars.

Since 2008, the Orion Foundation has received and distributed over $10 million for projects throughout all Africa.

The Foundation provides:

  • Access to drinking water (digging wells, tanker deliveries to villages, water filtration units…)
  • Scholarships to cover university expenses for young Africans
  • Rehabilitation of schools (building libraries, IT rooms and common rooms)
  • Gifts of materials and equipment to hospitals
  • Support for families of mentally handicapped people
  • Donations in the event of catastrophes (11,000 tons of medical aid in 48 hours following the explosions)
  • Funding for the national dictation competition working with the Ministry of Education of Congo.

Events are also programmed for each year end:

  • Donations of medical equipment to hospitals
  • Donations of food supplies to parishes and mosques