Our values

Our values

Driving the Group's Strategy

Defined values

Integrity, transparency, proper corporate governance, ethics, respect and professionalism underpin our growth strategy:

  • Integrity: Integrity guides our actions and our day to day conduct while binding the group worldwide. Given that sale of oil underlies the Company, we establish sales procedures that comply with international standards and practices such as Platts, hedging, stock markets, futures and physical contracts.
  • Transparency & proper corporate governance: Orion Group SA undertakes to be transparent. We pledge to publish annual reports and financial statements including the results of each year’s operations.. With regard to proper corporate governance, since it was founded Orion Oil has established legal structures to ensure its affairs are conducted properly.
  • Ethics & respect: Orion Group SA allows all employees and suppliers to work in a safe and respectful environment free from moral and psychological pressures (e.g. code of ethics in the workplace, free employee healthcare, CSR etc.)
  • Professionalism: Discipline and thoroughness at work are key features of our business. We strive every day to satisfy our customers and meet their requirements.

This set of values is the source of the Orion Group SA’s mission and drives its vision for the African continent. 

Our mission : To meet the continent’s energy needs while minimizing our environmental footprint

Even as a new Africa emerges, which is developing along the lines of advanced countries, its energy requirements are continually soaring. Orion Group SA, a leading Central African company, aims to play an active role in African social and economic development by boosting access to energy for all.

Aware of the need to preserve the environment and minimize our impact on climate change, Orion Group SA undertakes to work responsibly and sustainably with Orion Green in carbon emissions trading, by capitalizing on the Congo Basin and a goal of holding some 10 million hectares of forest as their contribution to cutting carbon emissions.


Our vision for Africa : Impulse an adapted development

Africa has started to drive the world’s growth. According to the IMF, the African economy will grow 4.25% in 2016. Based on buoyant growth and demographic changes – by 2050 one quarter of the world’s population will be African – the African economy has successfully taken off and is growing based on its own model inspired by international best practices. The continent is bursting with talent – young, dynamic people who are open to the world and constantly innovating – who are ready to meet the new challenges of the continent’s growth. Backed by Forbes Africa the leading economic magazine, Orion Group SA fosters entrepreneurship in Francophone Africa and beyond.